Corro Roof Panel | Long Spans | Classic Look | On Sale

Corro Roof Panel delivers that classic corrugated appearance, in a modern, insulated roof to keep you cool on those hot summer days.

The long spans are perfect for creating large open spaces with less poles and beams (goodbye ugly rafters!).

The Australian made panel creates an outdoor entertainment area with an architectural feel, which adds value to your home.

The panel is manufactured to the highest quality; two thick metal sheets glued to a fire retardant, polystyrene insulation core (EPS-FR). The thick core is what effectively makes them ‘cool panels’, and is also great for noise reduction.

The panels are available in 18 COLORBOND®colours with a 15 year warranty, Form 15 and Building Code of Australia Fire Testing Certification and a Bushfire Attack Level rating of BAL-40.


  • WIDTH: 1m (1000mm)
  • LENGTH: cut to length from 2.1m
  • PROFILE: Corro roof/Smooth ceiling
  • COLORBOND®Roof / Surfmist ceiling
Corro Roof Panel with smooth ceiling

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*Prices include gst


Corro Roof Panel delivers a classic corrugated roof but with superior spanning capabilities compared to traditional roofing products.

The huge spans help create an architectural feel, while the smooth ceiling has no ugly rafters, adding style to your new entertainment and lifestyle area, and value to your home. 

The Australian made insulated panel also delivers faster build times because it’s an all-in-one, finished product; roofing, insulation and ceiling panel.

Cool Panels has you covered for just about any modern roofing project, from Patios to Carports, Portable Buildings, Home Extensions, Commercial Buildings, Residential Buildings, Wineries, Spay Booths and more.

Insulation Core

The Expanded Polystyrene Insulation Core is Fire Retardant, offering high R-Values for thermal efficiency, and excellent noise reduction.

You can choose an insulation core from 50mm thick right up to 200mm thick.

Look at the picture above and you’ll see the foam profile matches the corrugations. That helps stop corrosion, and vermin from entering the cavity.

Panel Span

The thickness of the Insulation Core depends on how far you want your roof to span.

We engineer our patios so you get the right panel size for your posts and beams.  

Adding to the design features, the panel can be pitched as low as 5 degrees because of the strength and increased corrugation depth compared to traditional roofing.

The Panels

Joined together, Trim Roof Panels are a neat 1000mm WIDE. 

They lock together by tongue and groove on the ceiling side, and butt together on the roof side, with an overlap for the next panel.

There is a channel cut into the insulation core to run electrical cable for lights.

There is also a pre-cut rebate at the end of the panel to attach the Z-Channel Fascia and gutter.

Both of those pre-cut features are big time savers which mean they are also money savers during construction.

The panels are cut to length as they are manufactured (MIN 1.8m).


The roof side of the panel comes in 18 COLORBOND®colours to match your existing roof.

The ceiling side of the panel is smooth and painted off white (Surfmist) as standard.

Peace Of Mind

Corro Roof Panel is designed for Australia’s harsh conditions, and delivers a panel that is fully engineered, tested and compliant with Australian Standards.

That includes Building Code of Australia Fire Testing and compliance and a Bushfire Attack Level rating of BAL-40.

The panel has Form 15 building certification for your Certifier and local council.

And if that’s not enough, the panels are backed by a 15 year warranty for peace of mind.


If you live in a coastal area then this is for you.

MARINE FINISH is a special 5-layer paint system designed for areas close to water e.g. patios near the beach or a canal, even salt water swimming pools.

MARINE FINISH provides greater corrosion resistance, meaning a longer working life in demanding conditions.