Insulated Wall Panel ready for your Cool Room



2.4m panel – $103.22

2.7m panel – $116.13

3.0m panel – $129.03

2.4m panel – $138.24

2.7m panel – $155.52

3.0m panel – $172.80

*Prices include GST

2.4m panel – $122.28

2.7m panel – $137.54

3.0m panel – $152.85

2.4m panel – $146.88

2.7m panel – $165.24

3.0m panel – $183.60

*Prices include GST

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We are proud to offer a range of insulated cool room wall panels and roof panels.

We import the Cool Wall Panels which are with Australian standard steel. Aussie made Wall and Roof panels have full engineering and Form 15 certification plus 15 year warranties.

Cool Room Panels – Ready to go

Cool Wall Panels are the way to for lining a steel shed, building a cool room, freezer, cold store, or any other insulated panel project, you’ll find

They are a ready-to-use, all-in-one building product with Australian made panels finished in food grade, anti-bacterial paint.

All our wall panels come with smooth profiles in Off White (Surfmist) on both sides, including Premium Wall that are panels are clad in heavy duty 0.6mm steel.

Panels sizes are 50mm and 75mm ranging all the way up to 200mm.

Roof Panels – Add value to your home

An insulated panel patio, carport or roof to keeps you cool on sizzling hot summer days.

We supply Ribbed (trim deck) Roof Panels and Corro (corrugated) Roof Panels.

Sizes range from 50mm to 200mm.

The 1000mm wide panels come cut to length

with a pre-cut rebate one end for the fascia gutter flashing and gutter.

If you are installing our downlights there is a pre-cut channel in the panel to run electrical cable.

All our roof panels give you a choice of 18 colours on top the top side and Off White or Bright White on the ceiling side.

These panels are sure to become an architectural feature of your home.


Cool Panels offers an obligation free quote for all the materials you need for your insulated panel project.

Please contact us for more information today.

Attached patio finished with wall panels

Aussie Made for Aussie Lifestyles

Our Aussie made Cool Room Insulated Wall Panels and Insulated Roof Panels are quality products at competitive prices.

  • Manufactured in Australia
  • Engineered & tested for Australia’s harsh environment
  • Bushfire Rated & Certified
  • Form 15 Compliance Certificate
  • 15 Year Warranty

Perfect Panels For Keeping Things Cold

  • Ideal for Lining Sheds, Cool Rooms, Freezer Rooms, Cold Stores & more
  • 1200mm wide Aussie Wall
  • 1150mm wide Cool Wall
  • Panels in stock 2.4m, 2.7m, 3.0m
  • Aussie Wall & Premium Wall also manufactured to length
  • Aussi Wall finished in anti-bacterial paint for food handling areas
Cool Room Door

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What are Insulated Panels?

Roof and Wall Panels comprise a sheet of insulation (the core), sandwiched between two sheets of steel (the skins), to make a fully engineered, structural panel.

Names include Structural Insulated Panels, ‘SIPs’, Sandwich Panels, Cool Room Panels and EPS Panels.

Aussie made Panels use EPS-FR, an Expanded Polystyrene insulation sheet with Fire Retardant.

The pre-painted steel sheets combined with the insulation core to give you a ready-to-go, finished building product

Insulated Wall Panel ready for your Cool Room
Wall Panels

Are Insulated Panels Fire Rated?

The insulated core is EPS-FR or Expanded Polystyrene with Fire Retardant.

James Cook University has tested and certified the panels to the latest “low high low” testing standard.

Bushfire Attack Level certification to BAL-29 for Wall Panels and BAL-40 for Roof Panels.

What R Values do Insulated Panels have?

The thermal efficiency of Insulated Panels comes down to a simple rule of thumb – the thicker the panel, the greater the R Value.

TRIM DECK & CORRUGATED: 50mm = 1.61  |  75mm = 2.26  |  100mm = 2.66  |  125mm = 3.25  |  150mm = 3.94 (R Value 8°C m2KW)

How much do Insulated Panels weigh?

The approximate weights for roof panels are as follows:

TRIM (ribbed) kg/m2: 50mm = 10.58 | 75mm = 10.94 | 100mm = 11.37 | 125mm = 11.8 | 150mm = 12.23

CORRUGATED (orb) kg/m2: 50mm = 10.85 | 75mm = 11.21 | 100mm = 11.65 | 125mm = 12.08 | 150mm = 12.51

Wall Panels are wider than roof panels so the weight calculation is as follows: 1.2m (panels width) x kilograms per m2 from the chart above.

What is the minimum roof pitch for insulated panel?

The minimum roof pitch for Trim (ribbed) Panel is 2-degrees, or 35mm per metre. The minimum roof pitch for Corrugated (orb) Panel is 5-degrees, or 87mm per metre. Roof pitches are per manufacturer’s engineering.

What is a Form 15?

The Form 15 Building Compliance Certificate covers off materials and components in Queensland that fall outside a Building Certifier’s expertise.
Your insurance coverage is in jeopardy without a Form 15, and council can invoke a demolition order.
Australian made roof and wall panels have the backing of a Form 15.

What Warranties are there?

Aussie made Insulated Panels have full testing, engineering and approval to meet Australian Standards.
They come with a 15 year manufacturer’s warranty. Our imported panels do not have testing or warranties.

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