Joiners essential for your Cool Room & Wall Panels

Price List

Cool Panels supply a great range of aluminium extrusions to join together your Cool Room and Insulated Wall Panels.


40mm x 40mm x 6m1.6mmOff White$51.70
40mm x 40mm x 6.5m1.5mmOff White$56
50mm x 50mm x 6m1.6mmOff White$61.90
50mm x 50mm x 6.5m1.5mmOff White$67
70mm x 40mm x 6.5m1.5mmOff White$64
90mm x 40mm x 6m1.6mmOff White$74
F Mould1.5mmOff White$77

Base Channel

50mm x 6.0m1.5mmOff White$60
50mm x 6.5m1.5mmOff White$67
75mm x 6.5m1.5mmOff White$78
100mm x 6.5m1.5mmOff White$88
150mm x 6.51.5mmOff White$131

Capping Channel

50mm x 6.5m1.5mmOff White$55
75mm x 6.5m1.5mmOff White$97
100mm x 6.5m1.5mmOff White$101

Corner Mould

50mm x 5.3m1.5mmOff White$113
50mm x 6m1.6mmOff White$123
75mm x 5.7m1.5mmOff White$135
75mm x 6.5m1.6mmOff White$140

Door Extrusions

Door Jamb 50mm x 6m1.6mmOff White$65.55
Door Jamb 50mm x 6.5m1.5mmOff White$71
Door Jamb 75mm x 6.5m1.5mmOff White$86
Door Stop 50mm x 6.5m1.5mmOff White$103
Door Stop 75mm x 6.5m1.5mmOff White$121
Door Stop 100mm x 6.5m1.5mmOff White$123
Door Stop Gasket6m$74
Door Stop Gasket25m$212

General Extrusions

Arrowhead Coving x 6.5m1.5mmOff White$59
Arrowhead Cast CornerEach$42
Coving 35mm x 6.5m1.5mmOff White$56
Coving 50mm x 6.5m1.5mmOff White$74
Snap On Cove Female x 35mmEachWhite$65
Snap On Cove Male x 35mmEachSilver$60
Radius 3-way corner x 35mmWhite$34
Leeroy Flat Bar 100mm x 4m3mm$59
T-Section 40mm x 20mm x 6.5m1.5mm$59
5-32 Cold Room RivetsPer 100White$18

Cool Room Joiners

Building the box for a Cool Room, freezer or cold store can be pretty straight forward when you join your Insulated Panels together with the right Aluminium extrusions.

Most installers start with Angles on the bottom, and then use Corner Moulds and/or Angles to join walls to walls and walls to the ceiling with coving on the inside.

Aluminium Base Channel
Base Channel
Corner Joiner

You also need a cool room door. We make them to order because of the wide range of usages. For example, a freezer needs a heated door frame or it’ll ice up and you’ll struggle to open it.

The floor is also very important. Simply bolting to a concrete slab can create condensation issues where you end up with wet floors surrounding the cool room. An epoxy coated panel floor or an insulated concrete slab (laid before the build or “in-situ” i.e. after the build) is the preferred option in almost very case.

Of course, the most important person to check the build with is your refrigeration expert who will make sure you install the right refrigeration unit for the size and shape of your Cool Room, Cold Store or Freezer Room.

Click here for a great article on refrigeration systems.