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  • WIDTH: 1150mm joined together
  • LENGTH: Stock lengths only
  • PROFILE: Smooth both sides
  • COLOUR: Off White (Surfmist) both sides
*prices inc. GST$43.01$37.40
2.4m x 1150mm$103.22
2.7m x 1150mm$116.13
3.0m x 1150mm$129.03
*prices inc. GST$50.95$44.30
2.4m x 1150mm$122.28
2.7m x 1150mm$137.57
3.0m x 1150mm$152.85

Cool Wall is a quick-build, versatile solution for your next building project.

The panel is smooth and coloured Off White (Surfmist) on both sides.

It is perfect for non-habitable areas such as transportable buildings, cool rooms, cold stores and spray booths.

More and more people are using insulated panels to line out their steel sheds.

Tongue & Groove Z-Lock join
Insulation Core

The core is Expanded Polystyrene Insulation Core (EPS) and which offers thermal efficiency and noise reduction

Cool Wall is stocked in 50mm and 75mm thicknesses.


Our Insulated Wall Panels join together with a tongue and grove system. They have an effective sheet coverage (WIDTH) of 1150mm.

When you are calculating how many panels you need, simply divide the length of the wall by 1150mm.


The panels are stocked in three lengths are 2.4m, 2.7m and 3.0m.

The panels are imported but use High Grade G300 AZ130 Australian Standard Steel with a High Density 14kg m3 EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) Insulation Core.

Joining The Panels

We stock the aluminium extrusions you will need to join the panels together including Angles, Base Channel, Capping Channel, Corner Mold, Door Jambs, Cold Room Rivets and more.

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